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Spa & Hospitality Project Development Consultants

Shenkha – is a Dubai based spa project development & management company founded in 1997 by Miriam Seferian. Born and raised in a mulBcultural environment, the richness in the diverse cultures her family and city offered set her on a journey to explore her roots. Leading her to  discovering her innate talent in architectural design and deepened passion  for the spa industry whilst developing her business internaBonally.

Shenkha’s strengths are not limited to creaBve aspects of a project. This is generously complimented by a strong team of professionals with an understanding of, and extensive hands-on experience in, Spa business development and management. It is this keen in-depth understanding of the core business behind the concept that clearly differenBates Shenkha in her industry

Our Services


1. create the idea

• Client objectives
• concept philosophy & theme
• Market research & competition analysis
• preliminary mood board

2.Design your Space

•Design layout
•Layout functionality assessment
Interior design
•MEP & technical designs
• Heat & Wet area design & layout

3.Develop the business

• Corporate idenBty
• Brand IdenBty
• Menu cost and pricing
• MarkeBng assistance
• P&L
• Budget & forecast

4.Monitor works

• Technical planning
• Project phase development M&E

5.Select /Train Staff

• SOP s
• Staff recruitment support
• Staff SOP training iniBaBves
• Staff management training
• Luxury Hospitality Service training
• Hygiene standards implementaBon
• So Opening procedures

6.Start you off right

• Spa Launch event monitoring
• Start-up assistance
• Post Start-up operational supervision
• Spa operational Audits
• Staff performance audits

7.Renew & relaunch

• Renovations
• Supply chain recommendations
• Upgrade your facility

8. Spy & Audit

• Calls
• Visits
• Facility & service assessment

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