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About the Founder

About the Founder

Miriam Seferian, SHENKHA’s founder & CEO, was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, in a multi-cultural environment. The richness in the diverse cultures her family and city offered, set her on a journey to explore her roots, whilst developing her business.
“When I first left my home town of Montreal my intention was to bring fresh new ideas to Spas around the world, I had no idea the journey that awaited me was one of introspection and self discovery.  My long time practice of yoga & meditation guided me towards a deeper understanding of my life.  This brought forth an authentic expression of myself not only in my day to day life but most importantly, in my career. I discovered my innate talent in Spa architecture & interior design and my desire to inspire well-being in others, which has lead me to be where I am today.”

In early 2008, Miriam made the choice to expand SHENKHA’s services internationally, exposing her onto new markets such as the Maldives Islands, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, Yalta, Libya, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Egypt, in cities of the United Arab Emirates as well as  several cities in Turkey.

Her travels abroad developing her natural talents in architecture & interior design allows her to comfortably work along side internationally recognised Architects, Interior Designers & Contractors,  playing an integral role in project management & development as well as guiding them forward with her vision and expertise to ensure not only that her expectations are met, but more importantly that the expectations of her clients are.

Her strengths are not limited to the creativity that is required in Spa Concept & Design. This is generously complimented by a strong understanding of, and extensive hands-on experience in, Spa & Wellness business development and management. “I work on every project as if it were mine to open and operate. I take into serious consideration every aspect of my clients’ investment. I even ensure every staff member that cooperates within the Spa has the required expertise and attitude to proficiently express the values behind the concept their guests. ” It is with this keen in-depth understanding of the core business and end-user experience expectation that clearly differentiates Miriam in her industry.

“My career choice is so much more than just what I do for a living.  It reflects my way of “Being” in the world.  My objective in doing the work I do is to create spaces where people can come to and reconnect with their inner serenity, to inspire others to live better lives, to share my awareness and the acquired knowledge, that I continue to gain everyday, with those around me. And I bring all this to each project I have the pleasure of being a part of ”

SHENKHA, led by the grace of inspiration and driven by the desire to bring Well-Being all to those who seek.

Miriam Seferian
Founder & CEO