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Business Development

A Spa is no longer considered a luxury item within a Hotel. Today Spas represent an ever growing substantial business and revenue driver within a Hotel.


In order to ensure maximized revenue potential,we develop an optimal capital structure for your Spa project.

If you are refurbishing an existing facility or starting your first Spa business, We study the Spas’ historical performance as well as the quality of the asset and put together a project improvement plan. Our team works directly with you, the Investor or Developers to put together a sustainable budget and capital structure for the project and can present the necessary information to obtain financing if required.

We work directly with Investors or Developers to create a concept and budget tailored to client expectations.

Many developers choose to work with us because we offer Turn-key solutions for Spa Project Development.
This allows more control in design and development costs. It also allows our creativity to set the direction of the Spa theme and design. All this translates to, creating the Concept & Brand Identity, architectural design & layout with mood boards, preparing technical and execution drawings for fit-out and perform construction phase monitoring, testing and evaluation of technical equipment. Our team will provide you with a detailed procurement list vital to ensuring efficient operations and will assist you in organizing your acquisitions and delivery process.

During the design & build phase we start to focus on operations, develop PnL’s, procurement lists, recruitment processes, develop all SOP manuals and perform staff training to ensure the Spa and its concept are launched on the right path. For a developer this means saving valuable time and money.

Refurbishing your existing facility? We put together a project improvement plan that can minimize the required capital outflow and maximize the return on equity. We work with available CAPEX to evaluate possible structural additions or renovations if necessary.

We assess every aspect of your business, new or existing, addressing weaknesses as well as identify KPI’s.
Assessing the staff and their performance is just as vital as the financials. We assess staff performance and aptitudes, salaries and related costs, operational costs and revenues.

All this to increase quality performance and maximize revenue potential.

Branding is key.
We create your Corporate Identity.
Meticulously select the appropriate Spa product brand or create a private label, create unique staff uniforms designs, create your website and online and printable marketing collateral.

We assist in developing your digital platform and presence on the ``virtual`` market as well as develop any printable marketing collateral, develop your menu & design, set up shoot briefs and photo shoots, create social-media platforms, and publicity you will need to promote your Spa business.
We work to launch or re-position your Spa on the market.