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Rixos Hotel Group

Rixos Hotel Group

Anjana Spas:

-Yalta Sberbank, Mriya Medical Spa
-Premium Gocek Resort Hotel & Spa
-Eskisehir Turkey Anjana Thermal Spa
-Georgia, Borjomi Hotel & Anjana Thermal Spa
-Bengazi, Libya Hotel & Residences Anjana Spa


- Tekirova Antalya,Turkey
-Beldibi Antalya,Turkey
-Premium Belek,Turkey
-Davos, Switzerland
-Krasna Pollyanna, Sochi

-Shymkent,Kazakhstan Khadisha Hotel & Anjana Spa
-Quba Azerbaijan Hotel & Spa
-Borovoe,Kazakhstan Vernay Capital,Winter Spa Design

Scope of work:

· Create a Spa Concept exclusive to them that is to be implemented in all Rixos Hotels
· Assess the operations in all 29 existing Spas
· Assess existing Spa architectural layout and interior design
· Assess all existing Spa operations
· Assess existing menus, costing, prices
· Demographic analysis
· P&L
· Assess Spa marketing collateral, PR, media
· Corporate Identity development
· Marketing collateral development , media & PR development

Economic planning and development for each Spa under the Rixos Brand
· Administrative and accounting process management

· Manning list and budget preparation

· JD & prerequisite preparation, interview & staff selection
· FFE / OSE lists

· P&L for each new Spa development
· Evaluate existing staff aptitudes and professionalism

· Implement my new concept and all design standards into existing and new Spa developments.
· Create and implement SOP standards for each Hotel Spa project.
· Undertake 15 Projects simultaneously over a period of 1 year overseeing construction and development ; each in different cities and countries. (Russia, Crimea, UAE, Turkey, Georgia, Libya, Azerbaijan)

· Act as Rixos CEO representative to interact with the investing partners, Architects, Designers
· Created Anjana Spa Concept approved by Chairman and Board of Directors .
· Guided Architect to re-evaluate existing layouts and renovations
· Created Architectural design layout for each New Spa

· Created Concept and direction of artistic development for all Spas

· Interiors Selection and collaboration with various well known interior designers
· Artistic development and execution for all Spa interiors

· Construction phase Monitoring and installation of all spa & wet/heat experience equipment
· Selection of Cosmetic products
based on concept