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Cryo Stay Young Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Sharjah UAE


Scope of Work:

Existing Facility Operations Evaluation

· Staff evaluation
· Interior design & décor assessment
· Design and layout assessment

Existing Operations Evaluation, Detailed reports to include:

. Identification of CRYO vision and Spa services
. Evaluate existing Spas overall operation
. Evaluate treatments menu, costs and public sale prices
. Evaluate existing Spa furniture and OS&E
. Evaluate existing Spa ambiance and décor
. Based on defined services, evaluate the functionality, flow and space provided for each area within the Spa.
. Use of accumulated data from evaluations to create overall enhancements documentation
. Recommendation for space allocation & interiors based on the existing Spa design
. Recommended interiors, ambiance, and decoration for all areas within the Spa facilities.
. Create a mood board for each area within the facilities
. Recommendation for equipment and furniture selection based on services to be provided

SOP Manuals Development, SOP manuals to include:

· Layout & Design standards document
· FF&E OS&E standard lists
· Signature Music selection
· Signature Scent selection
· Merchandising
· Menu planning
· Uniforms design and standards
· Standard Operating Procedures manual
· Staff Rules & Conduct manual
· Treatment protocol manual
· Spa language and understanding the Concept
· Guest Service, Customer interaction, Greeting Guests, Telephone communication
· Front desk training: Reservations, Confirmations, Recommendations, Cancellation Policy, Guest interaction, Retail sales
· Staff training initiatives with product-house trainers
· Facility set-up protocols: Reception, Waiting areas, Changing Rooms, Treatment rooms retail areas.
· Housekeeping protocols manual : facility cleaning, Treatment rooms, Reception area and changing areas.
· Storage room set up, Linen area as well as all Back-of-House area
· Staff recruitment process, prerequisites, interviewing, evaluation, salaries, commissions and contract recommendations.
· Staff training for SOP and all Protocols above mentioned.