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Monitor work in progress


Construction Monitoring


SHENKHA and its team of Architects, Engineers and Designers monitor every phase of the construction and fit out stages of your Spa project.We ensure even the smallest detail is installed correctly.

We monitor and evaluate the execution of all technical works based on approved MEP drawings.
We monitor and evaluate the installation of all mechanical, wet treatment equipment such as pools, basins, hammams, saunas and all specialized Spa equipment.
We follow-up on testing all equipment to ensure their perfect performance.

Attention is given to the use of natural elements available, assessing the location and the cultural requirements your Spa needs to take into consideration to ensure its successful integration onto the market.
We offer our unbiased opinion for optimum selection of equipment and furnishings based on Spa Concept and budget allowing you to play an interactive role in the selection process.
We create the Mood
With this life-like presentation of the proposed Spa Concept, you will have the opportunity to walk through your Spa facility and experience first hand what your clients will soon experience while in your care.