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The Philosophy

Wellness is more than a physical state of ‘Being' it is a wholeness one feels when all within you and all that which surrounds you is in complete balance

- Miriam Seferian , Shenkha's Founder -


led by inspiration driven by passion for well-being.

Extensive experience in international markets

is your added value.

My extensive experience

Embracing Nature and the locations elements is essential to the success fo every project, it's what leads to an optimum outcome for your spa design and business.

Over the years I have established strong relationships with many wellness providers and holistic care professionals. This has proven vital in the ability to provide you with the knowledge and expertise in well-being programs to suit your Spa need.

We strongly believe in the transparency with every client, which is why the value of choice is offered to every project. Our clients have an interactive role in the selection process of all their spa needs.

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